We like to think we sell dope clothes with the illest designs. But everyone doesn’t like everything. We like what we like and sometimes we spend money on it. Our goal is to create something that’s more than a fad or a trend that ends up in the donation bag by your front door. We hope to bring you something that after buying fresh kicks to rock it the first few times, it becomes that item you grab unconsciously to run to the store, play ball in, or layer with that new sweater. We hope to create something that helps you make memories, have great times, and enjoy life as much as you enjoy what we created.


 Also, thank you for every sale and every time you told someone about us. Just thank you for being you. But this page is supposed to be about us. Well, I guess this is us.  We are you. We were and still are on that side of the screen buying from sites we have no clue what would happen. Hopefully we can not only bring a little peace with that but also give you something you will enjoy and cherish. 


So what is Combustible Arts? The child company of Phire Digital And Burn Design. Phire Digital is a web design and merchandise creation company. Burn Design is a graphic design company that can create anything  that  can be thought of. CA will be their store. If they sell a product, you can find it here. If it’s private there. It’s private here. We will also be collabing with other artists, companies, etc. and we will have that stuff here too.  


So click around and check out the work of a few black men and women trying to make this place we call Earth a little better than how we found it.



Peace, Love, & Stack

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